Contact Representatives

Let elected officials know what you and your community think about important issues.  Spin up massive write-in or call-in campaigns without sacrificing the personal touch.


Create a Contact Representatives action

Select the Contact Representatives action from the creation menu. Personalize your action and tell people taking this action why it's important to contact their representatives.

Apply filters to help your followers target the relevant representatives for this action. Choose either a specific rep for everyone to contact or an office type so each follower contacts their own rep for that office. You can also provide your followers with a default message to use to keep the message consistent.

Once you're done, include the action in a post so you can share it with everyone!


Followers see your post and take action

When followers open your post, they'll see your action, along with any others you've included.  They can then open the action itself to start the process of contacting the representative(s).


Followers personalize their message to the representative

While you may have provided a default message for them to use, followers can choose to personalize it to their own preferences.  This can help each individual message resonate more with the rep.


Followers contact the representative through email or phone call

Each follower can choose to contact the representative through email or phone.

If they choose email, Unified will open their email app with a prepopulated subject and body.  If they choose phone, they'll see a call button and script they can use.

In either case, the rep (or reps) will receive dozens, hundreds, of even thousands of emails and phone calls, leaving a strong impression regarding how the communities they represent feel.

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