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A privacy-first approach to helping you engage your community.

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Open your community page

Your contacts are part of your community. Navigate to the community page and click on the "Synced Contacts" tab.

If you haven't synced your contacts yet, you'll see a link that lets you do so. Click on this link to start.

If you've synced your contacts before, you can re-sync them using a link at the bottom of your contact list.


Select which contacts you want to sync

Unified gives you full control over which contacts are synced to your profile.

You can scroll through your contact list and deselect any contacts that shouldn't be included. You can also use the search field to find specific contacts quickly. To make things easier, we've also included an option to select or deselect all contacts at once.


Sync your contacts

Once you're ready, tap "Begin Sync" to start the contact sync process.

Unified will go through the following steps:
First, it will upload your contacts to our system.
Next, it will deduplicate your contacts.
Finally, it will supplement your contact data with information like voter registration, who's a Unified user, etc.

During this process, any personally identifiable information ("PII") like emails and phone numbers are kept private to your account. Our system uses this information to deduplicate contact data, but it doesn't make it available to anyone or use it in any other way.


Use your contacts for personalized outreach

Once your contacts are synced with Unified, you can reach them with personalized actions throughout the app.

Unified will help you identify which contacts are most suitable for each action you take, maximizing your effectiveness as an organizer or activist.

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Contact Sync
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