Bring fellow activists and new friends together to build lasting bonds and real change in your community.


Create an Event

Ready to host an event? Tap the + on the create menu to create a new event


Add Event description and details

Type out a description of your event; who will be there, what you are supporting, what people need to bring, and any other important details for attendees may need to know.

Next, tell people about when and where your event will be. Have multiple times or locations? No problem! You can give attendees sign-up options!


Event appears on Home and Events Feed

Your event is now live on Unified and is visible to your community.


Grow your Event

Users RSVP to your event, add it to their own calendars, and get reminders for it.  You’ll see who’s attending and be able to connect with them and build a community around your event.  

Attendees can also share the event with their own communities, expanding your event’s reach.

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