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A social media feed that inspires and empowers you to have a positive impact on your community and the world.


Select accounts you want to follow

Start off by picking which accounts you want to follow.

Unified will recommend accounts to follow during your signup process, but you can also find new accounts to follow at any time just by browsing or searching through the app.


Unified builds your feed to match what you care about and enjoy doing

Posts on your home feed are ranked according to how aligned they are with your interests and whether or not they include actions you'll enjoy taking.

For example, if you enjoy surveying your community about climate change, you'll see posts about climate change that include survey actions at the top of your feed.


Taking action helps Unified deliver more fun, meaningful ways to help

The more you take action, the better and more personalized your home feed becomes. Unified will keep searching for the most enjoyable, effective ways for you to make a positive impact.

With enough activity, you'll be able to see amazing things to do every time you open the app, right away.

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