Individual Profiles

Your identity as an activist. Your impact on the world.

Your profile & timeline

A place to represent your activism

Your Unified profile is a hub for everything you care about as an activist.  Other users can get a quick glimpse of who you are and take a deeper dive into what you care about and what you’re working on.

Your post timeline shows you and others a complete feed of everything you’ve posted on Unified.  Users can click into each post to see what you’re talking about and how they can help you.


A reference for all the actions you’re asking others to take

Your actions feed shows a complete timeline of any actions you’ve created on your own.  It’s a helpful reference in case you need to pull up an action at any time.

Other users can also find and re-share these actions within their own posts!


Everything you’ve done on Unified and the impact you’ve had as an activist

Track all of your activity on Unified through the impact tab.  It will show you a running tally of all the actions you’ve taken, a breakdown of how far your reach extends through the community, your complete voting history, and all the organizations you’re supporting.


A complete list of all the elected officials that represent you

From president to city council, Unified will show you all of your representatives in one place.  We use your voter registration information to keep this list up-to-date.  Now you’ll always know who to reach out to when it comes to local issues.


Control how Unified works for you

Configure exactly how Unified behaves.  Customize your notifications, which parts of your profile to display, and much more.

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Individual Profiles

Individual Profiles
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