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Organization profile & timeline

A place to reach volunteers and activists

Unified organization profiles are the perfect place to find people and groups who share a heart for the same issues are you. Through profiles, you get a glimpse into who and what each organization really is.

Post timelines show you and others a complete feed of everything an organization has posted on Unified. You can click into each post to see what issues the organization is talking about and how you can get involved.


A one-stop-shop for all the actions an organization is asking for help with.

Action feeds show a complete timeline of the actions created by an organization. It’s a helpful reference to see all the ways that you as an activist can engage with and organization's mission.

Want to spread the word about an organization you love and the work they're doing? You can also find and re-share these actions within your own posts!


A quick view at the impact an organization has made and the activists they have engaged.

See the impact and activity an organization has made on Unified through the impact tab.  It will show you a running tally of all the actions that volunteers have completed for the organization, a breakdown of how far their reach extend, and how many actions volunteers have created to support them.


See the people behind the mission!

From Executive Directors to Field Organizers, the Team tab gives you a quick and easy way to find out who is on an organization's team and what their roles are.


See which of your contacts can help this organization.

See which of your contacts are important to this organization.

When you view an organization's page, Unified helps provide a list of your contacts that live in the neighborhoods and areas in which this organization is involved.  This way, Unified can help you continue to built real and lasting connections within the communities that support the same missions as you!

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