Posts & Actions

Unified takes social media further by letting you include specific organizing or activism-related actions with your posts. Engage your friends and followers with actions like registering voters, contacting reps, attending events, and more.


Create a Post

Use the + menu to create your own post on Unified. Bring awareness to your issue, campaign, or cause in your own way using all the content creation features you'd expect from social media.


Include actions with your post

Go beyond raising awareness and actually give friends and followers ways to take action that are relevant to your post.

Create your own actions using a variety of action templates provided for you, or include actions from other activists on Unified.

Once you've selected all the actions you want, publish your post to the main feed.


Followers see your post

Your followers on Unified will see your post and open it to learn more about your cause and find ways to take action.


Followers take action

Followers pick which actions they want to take. Your actions will make it easy for them to make an impact right away and feel empowered to do more.

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