Register Voters

Register your friends and family. Turn anyone you know into a voter registrar, and help everyone become a regular voter.


Create a Register Voters action

Select the Register voters action from the creation menu. Customize your action with your own language and personality. Tell your followers why this action matters!

If you want, apply filters to target specific kinds of contacts. For example, if you only want to register voters in Houston, you can customize the action so followers only see actions for their contact in Houston.


Include the action with a post

When a follower opens the post, they'll see it split into multiple micro actions - one for each contact they know.

‍Include your new Register Voters action with a post. You can include any other action with the post as well.


Check a contact's registration status

Opening one of the micro actions lets you check the current registration status of your contact.

All you need to do is provide any information you know about your contact to help the app match them against the voter file.


A successful match means your contact is registered

If you find a match, it means they're in the voter file and thus already registered to vote!


Help your contact get registered

If you can't match them, they're likely not registered to vote. No worries though - you can send them a personalized message right away with instructions on how to get registered.

Unified will send you a notification when they're an officially ready to vote!

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