Help discover what your community truly thinks about the issues you care about.


Create a Survey Action

After clicking on the + in the top right hand corner of your Home Screen, select 'Survey Friends.'

Choose a title for your Survey to give your friends an idea of what you are asking about.

Use the description section to tell people more about your survey topic and why it matters.


Choose your questions and answer options

Creating a new question: Decide on questions you would like your friends and community to answer. Once you have typed in your question, choose possible answer options. You can have as many answer options as you want!

Choosing a previous question: Saw a survey question you liked? What to ask your friends and community the same question? No problem! Add a previous questions you or someone you follow has already created!


See which friends qualify for each survey

Some surveys may have filters applied. For example, the one here is only interested in talking to people in the Austin area because the survey question is asking about a new City Council project in Austin, TX.

Unified will then suggest friends and contacts that meet the Survey criteria.


Send a survey request to friends

Once you choose a friend to survey, Unified will direct you to your text message app.

From there, you can send a pre-written text asking your friends to complete the survey, along with a link directly to the survey questions!


Fill out a survey and help your community!

Once its time to fill out a survey, Unified will show the profile picture of the Survey creator, as well as the survey description.

Each question will have a drop down tab to select your preferred answer.

Once you have answered each question, select Submit, and you're all done!

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