Turnout Voters

Remind your community that their voice, and their vote, matter.


Create a Turnout Voters action

Select the Turnout Voters action from the creation menu. Customize your action with your own language and personality. Tell your followers why this action matters!

Want to reach a specific area or group of voters? Use a contact filter to make your outreach even more personalized!


See recommended friends to reach out to

When you open a Turnout Voters actions, Unified does the heavy lifting for you by providing a list of suggested contacts to reach out to.

From there, all you have to do is decide who you want to remind to get out a vote!


Message friends and remind them when Election Day is

Use Unified's quick and easy automations to send friends a message and remind them that Election Day is coming, and that their voice matters!


Followers contact the representative through email or phone call

Once you have reminded a friend to get out and vote, Unified will suggest a new set of friends to contact, as well as show you who you have already talked with.

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Turnout Voters

Turnout Voters
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