Community Outreach Team Member

Help us build our early adopter community by reaching out to activists and demonstrating Unified

About Unified

Our company was founded out of a desire to build a more connected and inclusive community of progressive organizers, activists, and the constituents they seek to engage with.  During the 2020 cycle, our team worked with campaigns and advocacy groups to help them scale their relational organizing programs and reach hundreds of thousands of voters - but the work doesn’t stop here. We are currently developing a brand new product that will take this approach even further.

About the role

As a member of our Community Outreach: General Focus team, you’ll be responsible for helping us find and attract early adopters for our new product.  In doing so, you’ll be instrumental in constructing a new kind of community of activists and organizers, all working together to build a stronger, more progressive society.


Specific responsibilities for this role include:

  • Direct outreach to potential early adopters via social media (i.e., DMs through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.)
  • Scheduling and conducting 1-on-1 feedback sessions (typically over Zoom) with potential users to walk them through prototypes of our new product
  • Communicating product feedback to the rest of the Blue Squad team
  • Measuring and reporting progress on outreach campaigns

Helpful qualities and skills to have

  • Determination and consistency:  You’ll be asked to reach out to thousands of people in this role; it’s important to have the determination to meet outreach goals and the consistency to track your progress.
  • Personable and communicative:  You’ll be the first “in-person” interaction many people will have with our new product.  Representing the team and communicating the product well sets the tone for an ongoing relationship with clients and early adopters.
  • Active on social media and comfortable with juggling/tracking multiple DMs at once
  • Proficiency with Google Suite
  • Familiarity with project management software like Jira is ideal, but not required
  • Previous campaign and/or political field work is ideal, but not required

Compensation & Benefits

We are offering $20 per hour, with up to 20 available hours per week, for this role.

In addition to this compensation, you will also be provided with all necessary training and resources regarding conducting product testing, collecting user feedback, and working within agile project management methodologies.

Apply to this role

To apply to this role, please email Tell us why you're interested in this role and include your resume.