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Create memorable experiences and meaningful connections among the Unified community

About Unified

Unified is building a social media platform for activism.  Our platform provides a comprehensive organizing toolkit within a fully-featured social networking app to allow organizers and activists to build vibrant, action-driven communities committed to bettering the world around them.

We’re currently in alpha development and plan to launch the Unified platform in early 2023.  We have close to 500 activists and 100 organizations interested in using the platform at launch.  They intend to use it for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Mobilizing Gen-Z activists in Wisconsin
  • Running for mayor of Houston
  • Promoting the social justice work of podcast guests
  • Recruiting candidates to run for office
  • Unionizing workplaces
  • Coordinating volunteer activity for a sorority
  • ..and many more

Our ambition is to build a platform and company that supports millions of activists across the US and eventually the world.

You can learn more about us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

About the role

Event marketing at Unified:

We’re currently engaged in two types of event activities.

Unified Jam

Unified Jam is our annual marquee event celebrating activism culture.  2023 will be our second time putting it on.  It’s a one-day event with a focus on speaker panels and supported by auxiliary activities throughout the day (e.g., happy hour, VIP room, etc.).  We invite 30+ speakers to participate on 7 panels.  In 2023, we’re expecting over 300 attendees.  We’re also bringing in sponsors for the first time next year.  Unified Jam 2023 will take place on March 11, 2023.  Location TBD, but it will be in Austin, TX.  See details on Unified Jam 2022.

Organizer Meetups

Semi-structured meetups are a common activity in many industries, but surprisingly not so within political or advocacy communities.  We want to change that by hosting monthly or bi-monthly in-person or virtual meetups.  These events would entail inviting 3-4 speakers to discuss a common topic among 15 or more attendees.  Here is one we put on recently.


Given that we are currently looking for a part-time role, we may ask you to take on one or both of the responsibilities listed below, depending on your capacity.

Managing Unified Jam

  • Work with the CEO and other team members to identify, reach out to, and get commitments from 30 or more speakers (based in Texas or other parts of the US).
  • Identify, reach out to, and acquire sponsorships totaling $25,000 or more from various organizations.
  • Identify and secure a venue for the event.
  • Draft and publish event details on the event website (view draft website).
  • Promote the event to likely attendees and assist with selling 300+ tickets.
  • Secure vendors (e.g., stage, chairs, videographer, food, beverage).
  • Setup, coordinate, and manage run of show and day-of logistics.
  • Assist with post-event activities (e.g., paying vendors, reimbursing speaker expenses).

Organizing monthly/bi-monthly meetups

  • Work with the CEO and other team members to brainstorm and set content for each meetup.
  • Identify, reach out to, and get commitments from speakers.
  • Identify and secure venue (ideally the same one each time).
  • Draft and publish event details on Eventbrite or other event platform.
  • Promote the event among Unified community members and secure 25+ attendees
  • Setup, coordinate, and manage run of show and day-of logistics.


Whether you are an employee of or a contractor working with Unified, you can expect to engage with a team that is incredibly committed to their company’s mission.  All Unified team members fundamentally believe in the potential impact of our work on American society.  That means we expect a lot from each other and those we work with.  In practice, this means we look for the following attributes in employees and contractors:

  • Very organized and highly effective in terms of time management
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Highly responsive to other team members’ requests
  • Takes time to learn new tools or best practices when necessary
  • Listens to others and seeks out feedback from team members and third parties
  • Immerses themselves in understanding the organizations and individuals whom we serve (ok, contractors don’t have to do this, but it’s nice when it happens)

Additionally, we will require you to be based in Austin, TX.

Compensation & Benefits

We want to build a team of passionate, experienced individuals that are driven to better the world around them.  We want to work with others who have the same drive.  To foster this, we work hard to offer a supportive work environment where team members (and contractors) feel a shared purpose, bond with one another, and are compensated competitively.

Given that we are considering various options for this role (i.e., part-time, contractor), we’re unable to state exact terms for compensation here.  However, our budget for this work ranges from $35K - $45K annually at this time.  If you choose to work with us as a part-time employee, you will also be offered vacation time.

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