Lead Web Developer

Lead the development of Unified on the web


Unified is seeking a Lead Web Developer to implement the web version of its social network for activism.  Our platform is currently only available on mobile, and we want to make it available on the browser.  The Lead Web Developer will join a small engineering team (3 others) and be responsible for building, testing, and deploying a fully-featured social media web application.  They will be able to use an existing backend infrastructure, API layer, front-end components, and design library to help them accomplish this goal.

About the company

Unified is the social network for activism.  Our platform provides a comprehensive organizing toolkit within a fully-featured social networking app to allow organizers and activists to build vibrant, action-driven communities committed to bettering the world around them.

We’re currently in public beta and have over 400 activists on the platform.  We have interest from over 600 advocacy, non-profit, and political organizations from across the country and plan to onboard these groups and over 100,000 of their members by the end of the year.

Our current focus is on providing a platform that supports the following broad use cases:

  • Easy discovery of activists focusing on issues you’re interested in.
  • Connecting and collaborating with those activists via social feeds, following profiles,  and private chats.

Over time, we plan to support a variety of specific activism needs through a wide mix of product features, including the following use cases that have been raised by interested groups:

  • Mobilizing Gen-Z activists in Wisconsin
  • Running for mayor of Houston
  • Promoting the social justice work of podcast guests
  • Recruiting candidates to run for office
  • Unionizing workplaces
  • Coordinating volunteer activity for a sorority
  • ..and many more

Our ambition is to build a platform and company that supports millions of activists across the US and eventually the world.

About the product

As mentioned, Unified is currently mobile-only (we are currently developing a read-only web version).  The mobile app supports the following features:

  • Account creation via email, phone, and oauth.
  • Creating social media posts that can include text, images, videos, and actions.
  • Creating organizing actions.  We currently support actions for registering/matching voters and contacting elected officials.
  • Viewing, liking, and replying to posts created by other users.
  • Performing actions shared by other users.
  • Following and viewing other users.
  • Engaging in DMs or group chats.
  • Managing account settings.

Over the next year, we also plan to implement these features:

  • Organizational accounts
  • Events
  • Privacy settings
  • ..and likely many other more minor features

All of these features will need to be implemented in the web version.


As the Lead Web Developer, your responsibilities will include:

  • Reviewing and collaborating with the CEO (who currently acts as product and design lead) on specifications detailing the requirements of each feature in the web application.
  • Coordinating back-end requirements with our Lead Backend Developer and Lead Data Scientist.
  • Estimating and documenting the necessary tasks for each project on Jira.
  • Implementing new features based on those specifications.
  • Conducting initial testing of new features.
  • Deploying releases to a QA environment, where your work will be reviewed by other team members.
  • Deploying approved releases to a production environment.
  • Addressing bugs or feature improvements as they arise.


As a member of the Unified team, you can expect to engage with a set of individuals who are incredibly committed to their company’s mission.  All Unified team members fundamentally believe in the potential impact of our work on American society.  That means we expect a lot from each other and those we work with.  In practice, this means we look for the following attributes in all of our employees:

  • Defaults to action in everything they do
  • Very organized and highly effective in terms of time management
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Highly responsive to other team members’ requests
  • Takes time to learn new tools or best practices when necessary
  • Listens to others and seeks out feedback from team members and third parties
  • Is very engaged in understanding the organizations and individuals whom we serve

Specific technical skills that will be helpful in this role include:

  • Proficiency with Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Proficiency with React
  • Proficiency with Next.js
  • Familiarity with Tailwind
  • Familiarity with TypeScript
  • Experience with Context API, Redux, or Simple State
  • Familiarity with React Router
  • Experience using APIs to perform CRUD or more advanced business logic for a web application
  • Basic understanding of what it takes to host a web frontend on a server
  • Proficiency using git for version control
  • Using JIRA or similar tools for task management, project estimation, and team communication
  • Using Figma to translate design requirements to CSS or other styling frameworks

What this role offers

We want to build a team of passionate, experienced individuals that are driven to better the world around them.  We want to work with others who have the same drive.  To foster this, we work hard to offer a supportive work environment where team members feel a shared purpose, bond with one another, and are compensated competitively.

  • Salary:  $110,000 - $175,000
  • Equity:  Employee options on a 4 year vesting schedule, 1 year cliff
  • Retirement:  100% matching on first 3% and 50% matching on next 2% of pay toward 401K
  • Benefits:  Medical, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance coverage
  • Time off:  Two week minimum vacation
  • Additional perks:  Healthy eating incentive.  ChatGPT reimbursement.  Travel to Austin, TX at least once per year.

How to apply

Submit your resume and other information at this link.